Free Computer Advice

American Micro offers free computer advice? Free? Really? Yes we do.

Most computer service companies charge a minimum fee to ask one of their technicians a question. At American Micro we want to provide a way for a normal person to ask a normal computer question and receive an answer.

Absolutely no payment is necessary.

We put some restrictions on this free service to be fair to everyone:

  • This free service is meant to provide regular people that have simple computers questions with quick answers. Example questions are: “This box popped up on my screen. What does it mean?”, “My computer is making a clicking noise. What should I do?”, or “My computer will not start up. I get a blue screen with error message . What does this mean?”. American Micro Inc. reserves the right to not answer any question we feel is too involved to be resolved by using our free service.
  • If our technicians provide free advice, but cannot log on to your computer for free to fix the issue. You will be referred to our paid services, but you are under no obligation to take advantage of our paid services.
  • American Micro Inc. will make every attempt  to help, but we are not responsible for any actions you take with your computer after taking our free advice. We provide a guarantee for our business and residential paid services, but not for our free services.
  • Support is only available by submitting your question below. We do not offer free services by phone at this time.


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